INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE (45 minutes) - £22.50

Is a massage of the upper back, neck, scalp and face. It helps to promote wellbeing and relieve stress and tension .Indian Head massage is useful to relieve systems of a number of aliments like Insomnia, tension headaches, sinus problems & stress.

REFLEXOLOGY (1 hour) - £30.00

Is a massage to pressure points on the feet to relax, stimulate and strengthen the whole body. Reflexology is used to help rebalance the body to encourage the release of any stress and tensions.

HOPI EAR CANDLE (45 Minutes) - £27.50

A gentle relaxing treatment, using ear candles, including a massage focusing on the sinuses. The ear candles are made from bees wax infused with aromatherapy oils to make the experience truly relaxing. This treatment can help with sinusitis or blocked sinuses. It can be helpful for headaches, migraines, head colds, catarrh and hay fever.

Indian Head Massage


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Monday - Saturday
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01626 368307 or 07815 804 618
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43 Bunting Close
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